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About us

The Sly family of piano builders arrived on our shores in 1880, building the original Sly’s store on Symonds Street, Auckland with their own hands. Originally specialising in fine handmade German pianos, the family business weathered numerous challenges – from import restrictions to industry changes to two World Wars! 


The day I walked into Sly's Pianos the beautiful Asahi immediately caught my eye and in a few moments the deal was done. Your team did a splendid job of delivery and assembly, and the piano has been a joy to visiting artists and guests and to its owner. It is a constant pleasure to me and its classical design and finish make it an item to be treasured.

Donald Trott ONZM, JP.


In 1987 Sly’s Pianos moved to Newmarket, and we’ve been there ever since. As the latest member of the Sly family to take over the business, owner Warren Sly works full-time in the shop. He prides himself on doing what he calls the ‘slow work’ of piano finishing, voicing each piano that arrives in the store personally with practised hands and an expertly trained ear. He holds generations of knowledge about all makes of pianos from the early 19th century through to the present day, and tries to emulate the timeless sound of the English and German pianos he was raised on.

The people have changed, the location has changed, and the world of piano making continues to change. But here at Sly’s Pianos we pride ourselves on delivering the same exceptional service, the same beautiful quality, and the same dedication to our craft that first brought us success over a century ago.

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