Sly's Pianos

Tuning & Piano Hire

Tuning Service

Sly’s Pianos offers tuning and servicing for all our brands.

It is generally good practice to tune your piano at least once a year.

Secondhand Pianos

From time to time we can offer fully serviced, tuned secondhand student pianos at a modest cost with warranty and free delivery in Auckland.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish one of our selected, secondhand instruments.

Piano Hire

We offer both new and secondhand pianos for long and short-term hire.

Monthly rentals from $90 are available.

After Sales Service

After sale service includes delivery in the greater Auckland area and a visit from one of our technicians soon after you receive your piano.

The visit will include tuning and rechecking the regulation of the piano.

The technician will be happy to answer any further questions you may have in regard to a suitable position for the piano in your home and any questions you may have about ongoing care and maintenance.

After Sales Service and care is factory standard with all our brands.

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Please contact us for any inquiries.