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Since 1845 the pianos of Carl Rönisch have represented some of the very best of German piano making. Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Puccini are some of the masters who are associated with this superb German piano.

Rönisch Grand and upright pianos are now made entirely in the Blüthner’s Factory in Germany.

The Rönisch Piano Range and Styles

Rönisch is one of the oldest and most famous piano manufacturers in Germany. From 1845 to the present day, the first class instruments of the Rönisch manufacture are based on the long-standing traditions of artisan craftsmanship and catering to a sophisticated audience.

Ronisch Upright Piano
Ronisch Grand Piano

Rönisch - 1
Rönisch - 2

Featured Piano – The Carl Rönisch Edition Grand Piano

Presenting something unique and very special: The Carl Ronisch Edition Grand Piano. This instrument has been crafted with a traditional finish in burr walnut, high gloss finish. It is reminiscent of the 19th century when Ronisch Pianos was founded…

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Rönisch Offers a Custom Made Service on both Upright and Grand Pianos

Rönisch - Red Grand


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